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Hyper-Sport Radials are exactly what the name suggests: road compliant Motorcycle Tyres (D.O.T Marked) with a radial belted construction cured with a softer compound tread. Sometimes multiple compounds are used for 90% spirited road use and 10% casual track use. There is less emphasis on commuting and longevity, but more on performance in dry and wet conditions. Often a distinctive visual cue of a Hypersport radial tyre as opposed to a traditional sport touring tyre is the lack of tread siping. This area can be easily navigated within our online shop under the search ‘Search by Category’ function to look at these tyres specifically. An essential is the ‘ZR’ Speed rating for speeds over 300km/h of which all the ‘Hyper-Sport’ style tyres in the Tyreman M/C online store carry.

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