Victoria’s Best Areas For Motorcycle Day Trips

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8 mins October 25, 2022
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Our guide to the best motorcycle day trips in Victoria

One of the best things about riding your motorcycle is the freedom and variety that you can have on any given day. Victoria boasts some of Australia’s most diverse and amazing places to take a day trip on your bike. From world-class coastal routes to grape-growing wine regions and up into the high country, Victoria offers something for every rider. Best of all, many of these places to go are only a short trip from Melbourne. Our list of Victoria’s best motorcycle day trips will take the guesswork out of where to go for your next ride, so you can spend more time on the road doing what you love most.

aerial view of great ocean road australia

The Great Ocean Road

There aren’t many more iconic roads in Victoria, if not Australia, than the Great Ocean Road. Just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the heritage-listed stretch officially starts in Torquay and follows the coastline for the next 243km. A day trip along the Great Ocean Road will take you through the iconic coastal towns of Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and all the surf breaks, rainforests and waterfalls that come with the area.

The Great Ocean Road can be quite busy, especially on weekends in summer, when it seems like half of Melbourne’s population converges on the popular beachside haven. The road is well maintained for a smooth ride as you follow dramatic cliff faces that drop away into the Bass Strait. There is non-stop scenery as you wind through surf town to surf town, with plenty of places to stop for a coffee and quick bite, or maybe even a dip in the ocean.

The area hosts many famous events throughout the year, like the legendary Rip Curl Pro surf event, which takes place at Bells Beach during Easter, and the Lorne Pier to Pub swim in summer. If natural wonders are more your thing, then the 12 Apostles will make for a memorable site to see as you glide past on your bike. Or take a detour up into the hills and ride through the Great Otway National Park and get your fix of natural rainforest and habitat.

Directions to the Great Ocean Road
Distance from Melbourne: 108km
Time From Melbourne: 1hr 34min

a man sitting beside a motorcycle bike in a field looking out to the view

The Great Alpine Road

North-east of Melbourne, the Great Alpine Road is a country tourist road that offers the best of both worlds, taking you from the hills down towards the coast. Beginning in Wangaratta and finishing in Bairnsdale, the Great Alpine Road will reward you with plenty of scenic mountains and lush green forests to take in as you traverse the 308km stretch. Motorcycle enthusiasts rave about riding along this route, often considered one of the best in Victoria.

The Great Alpine Road offers a mix of corners with both fast and medium speeds that are well maintained and smooth road surfaces with good grip. There are some testing conditions at different times of the year so it pays to ride with caution. Parts of the Great Alpine Road can have loose stones and debris and some areas can become snowy during winter. Check out our article on how to choose the best tyres to make sure you’re covered when riding in this region.

There is no shortage of things to see on the Great Alpine Road, taking in the best of the region’s waterfalls and lookouts on your day ride. You will be treated to great wineries, walking tracks and fishing spots as you pass through local towns like Eskdale, Dinner Plains, Myrtleford, and the famous Bright and Falls Creek. Known as the crown jewel of Victoria’s high country, the incredible Mount Buffalo National Park is not far off the halfway mark of the Great Alpine Road and is a must-see with stunning cliffs, cascading waterfalls, snowgums and plenty of wildlife.

Directions to the Great Alpine Road
Distance from Melbourne: 256km
Time from Melbourne: 2hr 51min

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Phillip Island

Phillip Island is known around the world as the home of motorcycle racing in Australia. The country’s motorcycle enthusiasts make the annual pilgrimage to the scenic Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit each spring for the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is only the tip of the iceberg for what the area has to offer for motorcycle riders. There are plenty of surrounding areas on and off the island to get out onto the open road and enjoy the sights.

Phillip Island is a very accessible and comfortable ride from Melbourne, making for an easy day trip. The roads are smooth with good grip, providing a fun and safe ride for all motorbike riding levels. There is extra reward for riders choosing to go a little further past Phillip Island on their day trip, with great views along the roads that wind around the cliffs of nearby towns Inverloch and Cape Patterson.

A day trip to Phillip Island will provide an opportunity to engage with all kinds of nature. There are great beaches surrounding the island with swimming, fishing and surfing options for all levels. There is plenty of wildlife spotting all year round at the Nobbies Aquatic Reserve and the famous Penguin Parade, which runs daily and attracts tourists from around the world. For the ultimate motorbike experience, you can book a ride and test your skills on the holy-grail of circuits, the MotoGP track.

Directions to Phillip Island
Distance from Melbourne: 140km
Time From Melbourne: 2hrs 7min

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The Grampians

The Grampians is one of Victoria’s best spots to get on your motorbike and do some riding. The mountain range extends southwest from the Great Dividing Range in Victoria’s central southwest, and the area is known for its natural beauty, with deep gorges, weathered rock formations and its highest peak, Mt William, sitting 1166 metres high.

A ride through the Grampians can provide many different challenges for the everyday motorbike rider. With hairpin turns, cambers and sweeping curves making for an exciting day on the bike. The roads are in good condition with good grip and the occasional bumps in different areas.

Riding into the Grampians area will transport you back in time as you pass through gold rush era towns like Halls Gap, Stawell and, of course, Ballarat. History isn’t the only drawcard to this area, however, as the natural beauty takes centre stage. The hilly landscape and natural wonders are breathtaking as you ride through the Grampians National Park. Once there, it is worth hopping off the bike to enjoy a picnic or hike along the world-class hiking trails to areas that can only be reached by foot, like the Grampians Caves.

Directions to the Grampians
Distance from Melbourne: 265km
Time from Melbourne: 3hr 19min

people sitting atop touring bikes heading around a corner

The Yarra Valley & The Black Spur

If you want a ride a little closer to the city, The Yarra Valley is only a little over an hour from Melbourne. A haven of natural beauty, there are mountain ranges, rainforest landscapes and winding roads to take in as you pass through the popular towns of Coldstream, Yarra Glen and Marysville.

With the mountain ash forest lining the way, the roads around the Yarra Valley can often be covered by debris from large trees, so be sure to ride with caution. While the road has good grip, there are bumpy patches and hairpin turns as you wind through the mountainscape and it can often be damp due to the rainforest conditions.

The Yarra Valley is best known for its wineries, vineyards and natural wonders. In the motorcycle world, however, it is best known for The Black Spur. Beginning in Healesville and weaving its way through stunning forest landscape all the way to Narbethong, motorbikers will be treated to a world famous route. There are also plenty of spots to stop where you can enjoy a picnic or hike while taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Direction to the Yarra Valley
Distance from Melbourne: 64.2km
Time from Melbourne: 1hr 13min

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Preparing Before A Motorcycle Day Trip

No ride is ever the same, but there are a few simple steps you can take to be sure you are prepared for the best day trip possible.

    Fuel up: Make sure you have enough petrol for the trip ahead, and make a note of local stops where you can buy fuel along the way.
    Plan for time and distance: Check local and online maps so you can plan how long the trip will take.
    Check local conditions: Check online for weather forecasts and local road conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology and VicRoads websites will keep you across any weather warnings and road closures.
    Bike Maintenance: Make sure your tyres are in good condition and your bike is ready to ride. Check out our article on caring for your motorcycle before your day out.
    Wear protective gear: Not only will motorcycle protective gear keep you safe, they are also designed to keep you comfortable while riding. We’ve got you covered with an article on the best protective gear to keep you safe on the road.

A day trip out on your motorcycle seeing what Victoria has to offer makes for a memorable experience. Whenever you are hitting the road, it’s good to know you can rely on your motorcycle, that way you can focus on enjoying your ride and having fun. That’s why we recommend doing a pre-ride check and making sure your bike is maintained before you hit the road. Our professionals at Tyreman M/C are happy to help you with this. Don’t hesitate to visit our Services Page and we can make sure you are riding with confidence.